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          The objective of Inlightning Pilates is to reconnect a person to their core energy in strength and spirit. Each individual is guided to new levels of feeling their power through the lengthening and strengthening of muscle and spine. This process of realignment and reconnection is the primary objective and what every individual deserves.


          Private and Duet Sessions are offered in a beautiful studio setting with natural light and a warm comforting environment. The sessions are in the discipline of Classical Pilates and true to the original exercises of Joseph Pilates.

InLightning Pilates

“Wow Kajsa! I can’t believe I waited so long to find out how great Pilates is with you! As a life-time dancer I recognize the genius in the equipment, toning such specific areas of the body. And as a teacher, I recognize the utmost dedication and attention you exert to correct my positioning at every moment. I leave toned and happy. You are amazing. I am telling everyone!”

Melanie Kareem - dance teacher and performer

"I've been a ballerina for 20 years and finally had my first injury--I twisted my right ankle quite badly while taking class. Fortunately, right after my mishap I saw Kajsa's "Inlightning Pilates" sign and immediately called to schedule my first class. A warm voice picked up the phone and that was the beginning of a wonderful relationship with Pilates! Kajsa's classes are fantastic and I don't know what I would have done without them! Now when I return to ballet I will be strong and prepared. There's nothing like Pilates to keep you in shape--also it's wonderful when you're injured because it's very low impact and strain on any area of your body that you need to protect. You've changed my life Kajsa--thank you so very much!"
Chelsea Gokcay

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